6 Space saving Furnitures for Small Homes

space saving furnitures

In the ever-growing trend of urban living, space constraints have become a common challenge for homeowners. However, with creativity and innovative furniture choices, you can transform your compact living spaces into functional and stylish havens. In this blog, by the best interior designer in Bangalore, we’ll explore six space saving furniture solutions that not only optimize your square footage but also add a touch of versatility and modern flair to your home.

6 Space saving Furnitures if you Have a Small Home

1. Folding Wall Desks

Enhance your work or study corner with a folding wall desk. These versatile pieces provide a dedicated workspace that can be easily folded away when not in use. Opt for designs that incorporate space saving furniture, such as shelves or compartments, to keep your essentials organized and accessible. Ideal for small apartments or multipurpose rooms, folding wall desks offer a practical solution without sacrificing style.

Designing Tips:
  • Multifunctional Magic: Opt for wall desks that double as shelves or cabinets to maximize utility.
  • Neutral Tones Elegance: Choose a neutral color palette for the wall desk, creating an illusion of space.
  • Cable Management: Incorporate built-in cable organizers to maintain a clutter-free look and enhance functionality of the space saving furniture.

2. Murphy Beds

Murphy beds are a timeless solution for maximizing bedroom space. These beds cleverly fold up into a cabinet or wall, providing additional room during the day. Perfect for studio apartments or guest rooms, These space saving furnitures seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics. Explore modern designs with integrated lighting or shelving to add extra flair to your living space.

Designing Tips:
  • Storage Integration: Invest in Murphy beds with built-in storage units to enhance organization.
  • Mirror Illusion: Install mirrored fronts on Murphy beds for an illusion of larger space and added functionality.
  • Hidden Lighting: Incorporate concealed LED lights to create a cozy ambiance, complementing the practicality of the Murphy bed.

3. Nesting Tables

Nesting tables are another space saving furniture to add in your living room or bedroom. Available in sets of varying sizes, these tables can be stacked together or used individually. When extra surface space is needed, simply pull out the desired table. With sleek designs and the ability to nest compactly, these tables offer a flexible and chic solution for small homes.

Designing Tips:
  • Versatile Arrangement: Experiment with various table arrangements, playing with heights and angles for flexibility.
  • Transparent Aesthetics: Choose nesting tables with glass or acrylic tops to maintain a visually open and airy feel.
  • Dual Purpose: Opt for nesting tables that can be used individually, serving multiple functions and catering to specific needs.

4. Ottoman Beds

Ottoman beds redefine the concept of space saving furniture. These multifunctional pieces combine comfortable seating with concealed compartments beneath. Perfect for bedrooms or living rooms, ottoman beds provide a discreet yet accessible space to stow away bedding, linens, or other items. Elevate your home’s organization while ensuring a cozy and clutter-free environment.

Designing Tips:
  • Bright Furniture: Opt for light-colored furniture to create a spacious feel. Light tones contribute to an open and airy ambiance, enhancing the overall room.
  • Decorate Smartly: Beautify the ottoman’s surface with cushions or a decorative tray. This adds a personal touch and makes the bed multifunctional.
  • Versatile Design: Choose ottoman beds with versatile designs that complement any room style, ensuring seamless integration into your existing decor.

5. Wall-Mounted Shelves and Cabinets

Make the most of vertical space by incorporating wall-mounted shelves and cabinets into your home design. Whether in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen, these space saving furnitures and storage solutions offer a stylish way to keep your belongings organized. Opt for sleek and minimalist designs to maintain an uncluttered aesthetic while maximizing storage capacity.

Designing Tips:
  • Floating Illusion: Install wall-mounted shelves without visible brackets for a floating effect, enhancing the illusion of space.
  • Accent Lighting: Add LED strip lights underneath the shelves to create a warm ambiance and highlight the space saving furniture.
  • Curated Display: Select decorative items for display on the shelves, ensuring an organized and aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

6.Nature-Inspired Puja Room Design

Say goodbye to cramped dining spaces with expandable dining tables. These tables adapt to your hosting needs by providing adjustable surfaces. From drop-leaf designs that save space on a daily basis to pull-out extensions for entertaining guests, expandable dining tables offer a versatile solution for small homes. Choose a space saving furniture that compliments your décor while ensuring you can accommodate varying numbers of diners with ease.

Designing Tips:
  • Foldable Flair: Choose dining tables with foldable sides for compact dining and easy storage.
  • Material Mix: Experiment with different materials for the table and chairs, creating an eclectic and visually interesting ensemble.
  • Chair Stacking: Opt for stackable chairs that can be conveniently stored when the table is not extended.


Embrace the possibilities of your small living space with these innovative and stylish space saving furniture options. By incorporating these solutions, you can achieve a harmonious balance between functionality and design, making every corner of your home count.

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