How to find an Affordable Interior Designer in Bangalore

With so many interior designers in Bangalore and too frequent a need to choose one, finding an affordable interior design company can be a task. Finding the right designer is important and also a little complicated because you have to look at many aspects like their portfolios, experience, and also whether or not their pricing is competitive. DezinePro Interiors is an established interior design firm in Bangalore that is known for its superior services, competitive rates, and most importantly the assurance that all its customers get upon hiring them.

What to look for when finding an affordable interior designer in Bangalore?

When you are getting your interiors done on a small budget, it is the most important thing to focus on quality. Consider, you are paying 2.4 lacs to a carpenter to get your work done but in 2.5 lacs you could have got it done from a modular manufacturer with much better quality. This is where we introduced the concept of Minimum Desirable Quality. Here are the three things we don’t compromise on when trying to give affordable options to our customers:

1. Quality Primary Material

Even if the customer is on a low budget we still provide the same quality option to them, Greenply or Century BWP in Kitchen’s base unit and MR plywood in other areas. Using inferior quality materials has only a small impact on the cost but their life is much lower.

2. Quality Secondary Material

All our secondary materials are procured from well-known brand names like Sika, Corian, etc. So that there is no question of compatibility issues between them and our products since we source from reputed manufacturers who test their products for compatibility before bringing them into the market.

3. Quality Fabrication

We do not compromise on the fabrication of our products. If a product is made in China, we will make sure it is done at our manufacturing unit in Bangalore. We also have a quality control unit that checks every product before dispatch.

4. Cost Effectiveness

There are many things we do to keep costs low while maintaining high standards of quality, but our most important focus is on cost-effectiveness. We have a policy where we charge our customers based on the number of doors and windows they need to be installed, this way they can get their work done at a much lower cost than if they were to go through an interior designer who charges per sqm or per hour.

What Services can be expected from an affordable interior designer in Bangalore?

We provide complete home interiors to apartments, individual homes, and villas. Our services include design consultation, modular kitchen, modular wardrobes, and modular interior units, painting, decor painting, wallpaper installation, flooring, tiles work, TV units, bathroom renovation, balcony designing, false ceiling, and electrical service.

Office Design

We have a team of highly qualified professionals who can come up with the best possible plan for your home interior needs- be it designing commercial interiors, office designs, media rooms, and landscapes. We understand the importance of aesthetics when it comes to home interiors and hence we provide you with more than just design services. We strive to give you a well-designed home that will add value to your property as well as enhance its beauty quotient.

We aim to create a beautiful environment in your home so that you can relax and enjoy your time while staying at home. We believe that when you are surrounded by beautiful things then you will feel happy and content in your skin.

What you should look for in an interior designer in Bangalore?

When searching for an interior designer to hire, the first thing you should consider is whether they have recommendations. To choose the budget-friendly interior design companies in Bangalore, ask around with people you know who recently had work done on the interiors of their homes. You may want to stick to people who you perceive to be in your monetary standards. If they have a history of fulfilling their clients in terms of the work and designs necessary, you can reasonably assume that they operate within the budget if you hear nice things about them. When looking for inexpensive interior design companies in Bangalore, you should also consider their level of professionalism and enthusiasm.

If they have a history of fulfilling their clients in terms of the work and designs necessary, you can reasonably assume that they operate within the budget if you hear nice things about them. When looking for inexpensive interior design companies in Bangalore, you should also consider their level of professionalism and work ethic. You may be confident that they will produce reasonably decent work and provide you value for your money if they are enthusiastic about working with your idea. Additionally, you want to pick businesses with a lot of experience. It instantly comes with the knowledge that they have expertise working in this industry and that their clientele has a reasonable degree of pleasure.

With the added benefit that these businesses are aware of how to work with your thoughts and objectives regarding the home you want to be designed, it is obvious that they have expertise working in this industry and that their clientele is generally satisfied. You don’t want to be forced into a design that you don’t like or aren’t sure you want to have, so being open to working with your ideas is also a plus.

The affordability element is something else to take into account. Do you believe you could design the inside of your home on your own, without consulting a professional, and achieve satisfactory results without straining your budget? If so, there is no need for further search. However, this is typically not feasible. Due to a variety of factors, the main one being that you lack the necessary time and knowledge to handle all facets of interior decorating a home or workplace. In that scenario, is it possible for you to make a small compromise on your budget even though you are confident that you will locate Bangalore interior design firms that are reasonably priced?

As a best practice, we usually set a budget restriction that is a few numbers below what we can realistically spend. However, you should think about whether it is feasible to go over the budget and still feel happy with it when it comes to something as permanent as the inside of the house where you will be living. In these circumstances, a little budgetary latitude won’t do any harm.

We are confident that if you search for inexpensive interior design companies in Bangalore—with an emphasis on the word “affordable”—you will be pleased with the results in due course. Happy searching!


Interior design is a profession that involves the design of interiors. Interior designers make use of a wide range of products and tools to create spaces that are pleasing to the eye, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. The goal of an affordable interior design in Bangalore is to create a setting that will be pleasant and comfortable to live in while still being pleasing to the eye.

DezinePro Interiors offer a wide range of design services ranging from planning, designing, and decorating to the interior decoration of contemporary bedroom designs, modular kitchen units, luxury living room designs, and also complete home renovations. We also offer complete construction management services for new construction and renovation projects.


DezinePro Interiors is the answer to all home interior needs in Bangalore. An established home interior designer with more than 37 years of rich experience who understands the pulse of home interior needs is all you need to get your dream home designed to make your living comfortable

DezinePro Interiors offers a wide range of services including residential and commercial interiors, house designs and renovation, interior design consultation and plans for renovation, kitchen, and bathroom remodeling, furniture selection, and selection for new homes, etc.

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