The Impact of Vastu Shastra in Interior Design: Tips for a Happy Home

While planning your home addition, you may take alleviation from luxury innards magazines and websites and indeed hire a professional. Still, one might  frequently forget the significance of Vastu Shastra in interior design while doing so. Incorporating Vastu principles in the color scheme and layout of your home can bring happiness, substance and wealth to your paradise.   With modernisation,  utmost people seek fresh plans and brand new  generalities to turn the simple  scenery of their homes into  commodity ultra-trendy. They get  charmed by the  rearmost styles and designs and imagine beautifying their homes using them. Still, what might get overlooked in the midst is the subtle significance of correct directions and the proper placement of objects within a home’s  scenery.   furnishing  precious input to manifest a stable inflow of positive energy in your home, Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian  wisdom of armature, ensures that it doesn’t be

As per Vastu, the wrong direction of apartments and  indecorous placement of  cabinetwork and  scenery  particulars can make you feel disconnected and  irked as it blocks or jumbles up the inflow of prana. It ensures all the  rudiments in your home are in sync and well- designed, inviting happiness, substance, health, wealth, harmony and good vibes. The moment we’re bringing some of the essential Vastu Shastra home design tips that you can use when designing your home. Scroll down to learn about them.


Vastu Shastra Home Design Why is it vital?

Vastu Shastra sets down rules for layout, ground medication, design, space arrangement and dimensional figures for homes and any erected- up structure. Traditionally, it also involves religious Hindu as well as Buddhist beliefs. Vastu Shastra in interior design aims to produce essential harmony between nature and one’s living space, piecemeal from the unvarying plates of layout, geometric patterns, alignments for directions and harmony.


The conception of Vastu suggests that the model and design of a room, its functions, purpose and operation are identified to each other. Vastu Shastra guidelines for different apartments, including the bedroom, living room, kitchen, prayer room, restroom, home office, playroom and out-of-door spaces. Vastu wisdom has also been embodied in the construction of metropolises, auditoriums , roads, townships, waterworks and colorful public spaces.


Vastu is considered the soul of a home that balances the five rudiments of earth, water, fire, air and space to bring in positive vibes. Every home has its energy, and each room needs to reflect the right prana to produce a happy and harmonious air. After all, the energy within the home influences the internal health of the people abiding in it.

Benefits of Vastu Shastra Home Design

According to experts, it’s essential to keep the high innards scenery rudiments in mind when planning the innards of your home, as per Vastu. These scenery rudiments or spaces include the entrance, wall color, cabinetwork placement and tabernacle positioning.


The innards of a home has a significant impact on the Vastu of the property in the following ways


  • The kitchen’s position is associated with the family’s health and wealth.
  • The bedroom innards affect the health, particular life and career of people living there.
  • The position of the tabernacle room is associated with peace and substance in the house.
  • The glass’s positioning around the house might affect health and happiness.
  • The cabinet work placement can affect the balance of energy that leads to health and internal peace.
  • The proper placement of water is essential to sustain enhancement in hygiene and good health.
  • The color choices for different spaces in the house have their specific impact.

Vastu Rules for Designing Your Home

Some of the introductory principles and rules of Vastu Shastra house design include the following


  • The shape of the apartments of your house should immaculately be square or blockish.
  • The apartments should be well lit, bright, airy and clean, each across the corners.
  • The center of the house should be left empty.
  • Heavy cabinetwork pieces similar to Almira should be placed in the southwest direction. This direction is also perfect for stairs if you plan to construct a duplex house.
  • shops and water features similar as the terrarium, water root or indeed an oil representing water shouldn’t be placed in bedrooms as per vastu.
  • The dining table should be deposited near the kitchen. Make sure not to put it near the main door.
  • There should be no glasses in the bedroom that reflect the sleeping couple. Make sure the glass in your bedroom doesn’t reflect your bed.

Vastu Decor particulars to Keep at Your Home

Several Vastu ornamental pieces invite peace and happiness, adding to your overall well- being. When’s the list of some home scenery particulars meant to bring luck and substance.


Buddha at the Entrance

Placing a Buddha statue at the main entrance is considered godly and auspicious, guarding your home from negativity. Keep in mind to put it towards the east direction for better results. Don’t place it on the bottom and clean the statue regularly.


Vastu oils

As per Vastu Shastra, certain oils are known to impact your life, bringing good fortune. You can install oils of a cascade, goldfish, seven nags and flowing water to draw further plutocrat and wealth. Place oils of horizonless straight roads and paths to get better job openings.


Still, you can install oils of candles and daylight, If you don’t have any fire element in your house. In addition, keeping oils of catcalls and flowers is considered suitable for developing interpersonal connections.


Fish Fences

Installing fences is said to bring life to living room spaces. As per Vastu, fishing fences at homes are believed to heal several Doshas. According to a many experimenters, fences also help reduce high blood pressure, stress and anxiety.


Wind Chimes

While wind chimes are known to add beauty to home sceneries, these ornamental pieces also bring happiness, peace and positivity. You can invest in essence wind chimes for the north, west and northwest areas of your home or rustic bones for the south, east and southeast areas.


Water with Flowers

It’s a simple and easy way to invite positivity to your home. You can fill a beautiful coliseum with water and sprinkle some flowers in it to design your space. This stunning ornamental piece is also considered auspicious as per Vastu and is meant to bring wealth to your home.


Some other ornamental pieces that invite positivity and peace within homes include


  • Place some fresh flowers to bring good luck to your home. Put some bright flowers in a vase and place them on the center table of your living area to drink beauty, positivity and good luck.
  • Put a cultural beacon at the center of your hallway to embrace positivity.
  • Keep canine statues at the entrance as they tend to cover you from evil spirits.
  • bedeck your residence with small falls to bring by good luck.

Vastu Tips for Home Entrance/ Main Door

The main door or entrance is a veritably pivotal thing to consider while designing your home according to Vastu. While looking at the vastu for the living room, your main entrance is a crucial aspect. It isn’t a bare way of walking into the house. It’s the place that welcomes all kinds of energy – positive and negative both. Heed the following tips while designing your entrance door.


Assuming that your house has four walls in four directions, let’s find out where you can make the entrance door. –


North If your entrance door needs to be installed on the north wall, also its north- east side would be the stylish place to make it.


South Build the door on the South- West portion.


East Build the door North- East side but make sure it’s at least one base down from the corner.


West North- West half of West would be the stylish place to install the door as per Vastu.


  • According to the Vastu, the North or East direction is ideal for the entrance door.
  • The frontal door of your home should be made of wood to drink positive vibes.
  • Install a two- shutter door that opens outside and in a clockwise direction.
  • Make sure it’s the largest in size among all other doors of your house.
  • ensure the door area is brightly lit. You can use sun or artificial light, it’s up to you.
  • The door should n’t make any noise while opening or ending.
  • Have a threshold at the main door, which signifies the need for authorization to enter.However, it can’t enter on its own, If you do n’t drink any negativity.
  • Avoid keeping the shoe- rack coming to your entrance. It’s believed to block positive energy from entering the house.
  • make the main door above ground position and if needed figure an odd number of ways.
  • The main door shouldn’t be below the honed position at any cost.
  • If you have an exit gate also it must be lower than the main door.

Vastu tips for Bedrooms induce Peace & calmness

Bedroom is the place where you rest after a day full of exciting timetables. This is a place where you energize yourself the coming day. Having trouble in this zone of your house might make effects unattractive between you and your family. Let’s figure out what Vastu Shastra suggests about tweaking your bedroom to enhance a better life. Then are the vastu tips for the bedroom you have to incorporate for a joyful bedroom air.


Direction of bedroom

The bedroom at the south- west corner of the house brings on substance and good health. Avoid having a bedroom in the north- east or south- east zone of the house as it might affect the difference of opinions and quarrel among the couples. Having a bedroom in the north- east may beget health issues. Although as per vastu children’s bedrooms can be erected in the east or north- west zone of the house.


Mirror placement in the bedroom

When it comes to vastu tips for glasses in the bedroom, it’s stylish that glasses are avoided in bedrooms for good health and peaceful sleep. Especially a glass in front of your bed should be avoided as Vastu suggests the reflection of one’s sleeping body in a glass is portentous.

Vastu Do’s and Don’ts for bedroom

The bed is the most safe and comforting zone for your mind. To achieve peace, it must be located in the south- west direction and should n’t be touching the south and west walls. Adorn walls with oils of flowers to reflect a feeling of peace and peacefulness. Declutter your room, especially under your bed as it weighs you down and lets your mind wander in history. While sleeping, sleep with your head to the south, vastu suggests that blood, which contains iron, attracts more applauding energy flowing from the north while at this position. The bedroom must open by ninety degrees or further to drink all kinds of possibilities your life has to offer. Used and licked implements in bedrooms can produce fights and conflicts in between a couple or family. Don’t keep them in your bedroom for long.


Vastu Color mix for bedroom

Vastu suggests that colors have a pivotal impact on the energy of a space. Then the colours that Vastu suggests are stylish for better health, mood, substance and overall well- being.


Light Red or Pink – This is the shade of love and warmth, a perfect color for a couple’s bedroom according to vastu.


Orange – This bright color is a symbol of stopgap and ambition. This color reflecting the bright sun shafts is a perfect way to start a day.


Green –  Relax and decompress after a long day of work with this positive bright colour. Green also signifies knowledge which makes it a perfect choice for a children’s bedroom.

Purple – Purple is a bright colour which just brightens your bedroom. It’s also said to have mending parcels which makes it ideal for a good night’s sleep


Vastu Shastra is an important wisdom that helps you invite good luck, beauty and substance to your home. All you need to do is be apprehensive of the directions when planning the design for your innards. Place some Vastu scenery rudiments in your home to compound its joyful terrain.


You can also hire an interior design expert who has extensive knowledge in Vastu to do it for you. Reach out to Interior Company for the stylish guidance and backing on Vastu home innards and make your home a happy place.


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How can I embellish my home interior?

There are several ways to design your home without investing a lot of plutocrats. Work with calm colors, natural rudiments, fabrics and textures, creative oils, drapes and throws,etc.


Which side is stylish for interior design as per Vastu?

According to Vastu, each room has its different side or direction that stylish serves its interior design. While the southwest direction is stylish for wardrobes in the bedrooms, the living apartments should be in the east or north direction.


What should be placed in front of the main door?

The main door entrance should be kept clean since it attracts positive energy. You can keep Buddha statues at the frontal door or canine statues to cover your home from negative energy and evil spirits.


What are the seven rudiments of interior design?

The seven primary interior design rudiments include color, space, form, pattern, texture, light and line.


How can I make my house look beautiful?

There are several ways to make your house look beautiful on a small budget. ornamental glasses, natural rudiments, various drapes, puck lights, intriguing oils, hairpieces and flowers in vases can add fineness to your home scenery.

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