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Designing a wardrobe is not an easy task. There are many factors to be considered while designing a wardrobe. The most important factor is the space available. The other factors include the budget, the material to be used and the type of wardrobes.

Many wardrobe designers in Bangalore can help you design a perfect wardrobe for your home. These designers have years of experience in designing wardrobes and they can help you in choosing the right material, budget and type of wardrobe for your home

Best Wardrobe Interior Design Ideas

There are many factors to consider when designing the perfect wardrobe. DezinePro Interior, the best affordable interior designer in Bangalore, considers all of these factors when helping their clients design the perfect wardrobe for their homes.

Some of the factors to consider when designing a wardrobe include the following:

-The size of the room: It is important to consider the size of the room when designing a wardrobe. A smaller wardrobe would be more appropriate if the room is small. A larger wardrobe would be more appropriate if the room is large.

-The ceiling height: It is important to consider the height when designing a wardrobe. If the ceiling is low, a shorter wardrobe would be more appropriate. A taller wardrobe would be more appropriate if the ceiling is high.

-The home style: It is important to consider the home’s style when designing a wardrobe. A more traditional wardrobe would be more appropriate if the home is more traditional. A more contemporary wardrobe would be more appropriate if the home is more contemporary.

Top 12 Wardrobe Interior Designs for Bedrooms

1. Modern Built-In Cupboard Design for the Bedroom

You must have given the common pillars some thought if you own an apartment or a multi-bedroom flat in any major Indian centre, especially in master bedrooms. The greatest contemporary cupboard design for the bedroom covers the entire depth and height of the pillars if you wish to conceal these pillars. By placing a wardrobe next to the area occupied by the pillar, you not only save space but also come to appreciate how lovely and practical this design is.

Modern Built-In Cupboard Design for the Bedroom
2. Fiberboard Clothing

A fiberboard wardrobe is a modern almirah design for bedroom ideas that you should check out if you love living in a minimalistic style and don’t want heavy furniture work done in your bedroom! These are frequently more affordable than a conventional wooden closet, lighter, and easier to install. You can choose gorgeous natural hues and colours to give them a natural appearance.

Fiberboard Clothing
3. Mirrored wardrobe

The perfect wardrobe idea for a small bedroom will be to install a wardrobe with a mirror attached to the door itself if you need a tiny wardrobe and do not have a place for a wardrobe and a dressing table. These wardrobes are popular with the younger generation since they like to get more for their money, and they’re a great alternative because they meet both the need for extra storage and a big mirror!

Mirrored wardrobe new
4. Loft or elevated wardrobes

Since we are talking about small bedroom ideas, using the lift or elevated area to design the closet in the bedroom is another popular wardrobe design. The loft can be used to build a wardrobe that is easily accessible and also saves space, making it a truly modern wardrobe design for the bedroom. People who want to priorities large beds but do not have floor space for storage space can use elevated space like the loft to build a wardrobe.

Loft or elevated wardrobes
5. Metal wardrobes

Want to save money but need a wardrobe? An iron wardrobe is a practical almirah design for a bedroom that will give you lots of space and won’t break the bank, so it’s an alternative that will never go out of style! The best thing about these wardrobes is that you can buy them already created, and they frequently come in ideal sizes! These wall almirah designs for bedrooms are typical in Indian houses.

Metal wardrobes
6. Multi-Functional Contemporary Compact Sliding Door Wardrobe Design

This contemporary, wooden finish sliding door wardrobe design has a timeless look. Sliding shutters are convenient and great space savers. It is also a multi-functional unit with a white-finished study desk on the side, overhead wall-mounted storage, and open shelves.

Multi-Functional Contemporary Compact Sliding Door Wardrobe Design
7. Contemporary Two-Toned Wardrobe Design with Mirror

The beautiful dark-coloured shutters in this wardrobe design with mirror add vitality to the surrounding light palette. The full-length wardrobe maximizes storage with an efficient organization that includes drawers and lofts. The mirrored shutters in the centre also serve as a dressing unit with a place to keep accessories.

Contemporary Two-Toned Wardrobe Design with Mirror
8. Modern Beige Wardrobe Design with Mirror

This wardrobe has a full-length mirror and a loft for extra storage. The beige colour and charcoal grey contrast are perfect for adding some style to your space. The study unit on the side of the wardrobe has a similar finish and overhead storage unit, making it perfect for your storage needs.

Modern Beige Wardrobe Design With Mirror
9. Contemporary Grey-Themed Swing Shuttered Wardrobe Design

This high-capacity wardrobe design provides ample storage space with seven swing shutters. The partition between the two wardrobes also helps efficiently organize your belongings. The grey shades also offer a monochromatic look and complement the beige flooring.

Contemporary Grey-Themed Swing Shuttered Wardrobe Design
10. Contemporary Wardrobe Design with Swing Shutter

This space-saving wardrobe design is efficient, with full-height swing shutters and lofts attached to it. The open rack in the middle is handy for placing things, while the choice of material and design combines style with functionality. The shades of brown used also give a contemporary look.

Contemporary Wardrobe Design With Swing Shutter
11. Contemporary Glossy Pastel-Shaded Wardrobe Design with Mirror

This pastel-shaded wardrobe design with a mirror looks elegant, along with the loft space and drawer units. The simple and subtle colour palette allows maximum sunlight in this space. The study designed in the niche area next to the wardrobe makes this space multifunctional.

The best thing about this design is its affordability. You can easily find all the materials and furniture necessary to recreate this look in your home. Plus, the light colours will help to brighten up any room.

Contemporary Glossy Pastel-Shaded Wardrobe Design With Mirror
12. Modern Sliding Door Wardrobe Design with A Loft

When looking for the best and most affordable wardrobe design, you need to consider this modern sliding door wardrobe design. The sliding shutters on this wardrobe make it convenient to use. The wardrobe frame is spacious, with a lot of storage space and a loft section. A study unit is incorporated into the frame, making it easy to use in your room.

Modern Sliding Door Wardrobe Design With A Loft
Guidelines To Designing the Best Wardrobe
  • Take into account how much storage space you require and how much of your valuable real estate you are willing to sacrifice. Think beyond the box when deciding where to put the wardrobe. The most awkward spaces and weirdest nooks can be transformed into useful storage thanks to the many creative closet interior design ideas currently available.
  • In the market for home furnishings, the options are more varied than ever. You should seek out someone who can construct the wardrobes for you from scratch if you don’t want to make any concessions and want a custom-made solution. After determining your storage requirements, you must decide whether to build or buy.
  • The interior of closets frequently features plywood manufactured by fusing layers of wood cut into sheets. Within this material, alternatives include maritime plywood, moisture-resistant plywood, and plywood that can withstand boiling water. When building the interior of your wardrobe, MDF is another material to consider.
  • A metal-based substance can give your bedroom a contemporary, industrial appeal. Mirrors may be stylish and elegant while also appearing to enlarge small areas. You may be sure to find a material for the wardrobe’s exteriors that perfectly matches the design and aesthetic of your bedroom, thanks to the infinite variety of options available.
  • One of the most popular storage systems is the hanging one, in which rods for short, medium, and long clothing can be set at the height of your choice. A common organisational tool is a pull-out shoe shelf that is flat or inclined. Another excellent storage option is the use of drawers, particularly for smaller goods like socks, undergarments, and the like. The organisation’s alternatives and components should then focus on your attention. Shelves can be a blessing for some clothes, such as folded garments and t-shirts, which are best stored in piles. Should you need them, additional special accessories like ties and belts can also be attached.

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